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Our Kids


Our Kids Foundation is a UK registered charity that designs, initiates and funds long term strategic projects to improve the lives and future prospects of children and young adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Life in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina is not easy, with fragmented communities and uneasy government operating within an economically challenged environment. There is currently more than 40% unemployment and as many as 50% of people living below the official poverty line.

Many families’ lives reflect this fragmentation and the battle with poverty. Support for these families is thin on the ground. For some, institutional care for their children becomes the only option for survival, especially for disabled children and children with special needs. Of the 4,000 children estimated to be in care in Bosnia, as many as 40% are thought to be learning disabled.

All the proceeds from the P4S tuck shop will go directly to the foundation.

In 2019 this totalled £800. 


If you are interested in knowing more about 'Our Kids' please get in touch via the contact page or click on the icon to go directly to the Our Kids website.

Caribbean Alliance FC


P4S is pleased to partner with the Caribbean Alliance FC.  The aim of the partnership is to give football mad children from the Caribbean the exciting opportunity to play at St George's Park in competition with children from the UK.  The cultural experience enjoyed by both sets of children is fundamental to the values of both P4S and the Caribbean Alliance FC.

Caribbean Alliance Football Community (CAFC) was established in 2016 to aid those Caribbean School Players with talent wishing to excel in football. Initial camp and training invitations are open to Caribbean players from local schools.

Every camp Caribbean Alliance FC operates will also be seen as a 'try out' for those wishing to make the CAFC age specific showcase team. Training camps will also feature tournament style training games against tough Florida and California club competition.  With the aid of Prep4Sport we are looking to extended these opportunities to include England, home of the greatest club league in the world, the EPL (English Premier League) and more specifically St George's Park, home of the England National teams.

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